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We care about this product so much that we can’t wait to share it with you! All our fish are a great source of protein and vitamins B and B12, try our ACE Fish to add more nutrition to your diet! For your convenience, they are also descaled, gutted and deboned, though please always be wary of small, soft bones that may still be present.

Orders and Delivery:

Head over to ACE-FISHMARKET.COM to browse our products and learn more about ACE Fish and how you can place an order today!

While we work on our delivery system, for now all orders will have an $8 delivery fee and only orders over $60 will be eligible for free delivery


All orders can be picked up and paid for in person at:

32 Netheravon Rd

C/O Changi Sailing Club


Monday – Friday @ 10am – 5pm

For all sales enquiries, please directly contact us at: